Prof Avishkar Wanjari

Prof Avishkar Wanjari has been associated with some of the reputed institutes of India in Past in very short span of time. With close to 6 years of experience in teaching, Asst Prof Avishkar Wanjari renders his services to the department of Electrical Engineering in addition to the Placement Department. Having sound understanding of Engineering, he is best equipped to understand the behavioral aspects of the students and is able to improvise their body language and interpersonal skills thus transforming them into professionals ready for new roles and challenges of the industry. He is guiding the students to explore and evolve personalities through motivation, stressing the cause and effect as the fundamentals of life. Prof Avishkar Wanjari has completed his Masters and Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and is the Alumni of Staffordshire University, United Kingdom and RTM Nagpur University, India.

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