Welcome to Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is core branch of engineering deals with mechanism & machines that transmit & transfer energy in various forms. Mechanical Engineers are required in mech. industries such as Production, Process industries, and Software. Also the mech. engineers are recruited in Ordinance factories, Indian railways, Army, Navy, Air force, hence employment potential is high in Mech. Engineering branch.

The department is established in the year 2009- 1 O.The department has highly qualified staff with industrial experience. With an aim to develop highly competent, resource in Mech. Engineering profession, department have planned to make up-to-date infrastructure & Laboratories.

To develop skills in manufacturing & Production we have a well equipped central workshop. The central w/s has a separate building with welding shop, smithy shop, Fitting, carpentry, machine shop, foundry shop. The total investment of all labs is about 21 Lacs.