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GWCET POLYTECHNIC IIND SHIFT,Nagpur. It gives me an immense pleasure to lead the EE Department of this prestigious institution. We take pride in our faculty; a self disciplined team with dedication and is a mixture of both academic and industrial experience working towards the growth of the students and organization. The field of Electrical Engineering plays a key role in the national economic growth in terms of power sector, transport, industrialization and automation. In EE department, we provide several opportunities to our faculty and students, through in-house training, workshops and training outside the college for further growth and development in their areas of expertise. We are creating a platform for students to achieve their dream jobs in Government sectors such as NTPC, Power Grid, Genco, Transco, NPDCL, SPDCL etc., and also in software and electronics design sectors. We are committed towards creating professional graduate community, which is capable to handle contemporary challenges required by the employer and society.

We welcome students, alumni, parents, industries, corporate companies and faculty to go through the website for more detail information and want to hear from you. Your suggestions, comments and even complaints will definitely help us to improve in moving to the next level of academic achievements and excellence.

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