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Executive Summary

  • Outstanding contribution in the field of education, textile ,clothing & agriculture industry.
  • Significant experience of 23 years in the field of Education/ Garment / Fashion / Textile / Media / Promotion & Event Industry.
  • Served society at large significantly & contributed for the growth and developmental cause of Industry youth / farmers and women's by providing necessary empowerment
  • Outstanding contribution through educate ,employ & empower mission for women's of the weaker section of the society.
  • Holding esteemed position as a Hon. Secretary of prestigious Textile Association of India - Vidarbha.
  • Has been a recipient of Krushibhushan award for significant contribution in the area of empowerment of cotton growing farmers of Vidhrabha.
  • Recipient of Warud Gaurav Purskar for upliftment & social contribution at Warud.
  • Nominated for Shri. J. J. Randeri Service Award of Textile Association of India for year 2016.
  • Has significantly contributed for the socioeconomic development through upliftment of Cotton Growers Farmer Community of Vidarbha.
  • Working with educational brand Wanjari Group as Director looking after group operations
  • Has been Advisor & Professional Consultant for establishment of Textile & Apparel Parks projects as well as Textile & Garment Manufacturing units all across India .
  • Working as Director of Maharashtra Chess Association- Chess in School initiative to promote chess in schools of Maharashtra state.
  • Working as Chief Patron for Maharashtra Disabled Cricket Association
  • Working as Vice President of Swarsadhana an initiative to promote Vidarbha singing talent.

Visited 14 international universities at United Kingdom ,Thailand & Malaysia.

  • Working as Vice President of Madhukarrao Bhakare Pratishthan ,which is working as a handwriting improvement movement for the school children's of Vidarbha.
  • Professionally conducted more than 550 corporate event in various sector all across India.
  • Well red Developmental Thinker who has spent over two decades in employment generation, human empowerment ,regional & national development initiatives.
  • A self directed, action oriented professional with academic excellence, who spearheads in institutional strategies, process of internationalization and has undertaken numerous initiatives for global mergers & collaborations.
  • Actively involved in forum of social activities which improves self esteem, encourage understanding of cultural diversity, gender differences & physical disabilities..
  • A self starter with high energy, enthusiasm, high profile strategic planner, passionate professional with significant expertise in material sourcing, product & process development.
  • Accomplished personality with proven results in entrepreneurial development who creates new industry leaders in garment & textile business environment.
  • Has broad experience in textile, apparel production, marketing, merchandising, textile & fashion education. Having comprehensive knowledge of the Textile, clothing & fashion industry from fibre to fashion.
  • An authority in application of special textiles to fashion , garmenting , acknowledged as expert in denim, knit and woven garmenting.
  • Have vast knowledge in fashion designing , garment construction , quality management, merchandizing & marketing.
  • Has the ability to work in a variety of working environments from small entrepreneurial companies to large multinational organizations.
  • Expertise on value addition , supply chain management , lean sigma to practice & educate for organisational quality excellence.
  • Expertise for restoring quality garment manufacturing activities from artisanal to industrial scale production for domestic to worldwide market.
  • Involved in various development projects from planning, developing, implementing cutting-edge solutions for developing new innovative product creation including design, merchandising, marketing, forecasting and budgeting.
  • Recognized as EXPERT PROFESSIONAL with expertise in front-end technology implementation for the Textile & Clothing Industry.
  • Involved in Incubation & entrepreneurial activities to boost spirit of budding entrepreneurs & new start ups of Vidarbha in clothing & educational sector.
  • Being a Hon. Secretary of Textile Association of India Vidarbha spoken at several public forums hosted by textiles & apparel Industry bodies from all across India
  • An ability to balance spot market trends with an appreciation for excellent design and an unwavering focus on quality to ensure that end products meet their merchandising and business goals.
  • Has leadership experience with proven expertise in driving strategies that increase productivity, enhance quality, increase speed and improve cost effectiveness.
  • Has written on various aspects of developmental economics through value addition in textile and garment sector & written several articles which were published in leading newspapers, association newsletters and magazines.
  • Strong orientation in finance and operations & made number of significant contributions in own discipline.
  • Proven success in coaching, mentoring and motivating teams to achieve organizational goals.
  • Wide range of experience in strategic management for resolving long-standing problems and creating solutions that improve operational efficiency.
  • Experience as a key R&D team leader who was responsible for developing products from concept to commercialization.
  • Expertise to build corporate branding strategy influenced by social media.
  • Has extensive experience of process consulting to shorten the quality product development process .
  • Has been working as a member of various eminent societies & trade associations.
  • Professional expertise in development of Apparel, Textile Parks, Garment complex, ginning, spinning, weaving & garmenting units.
  • Worked as a Convener of the prestigious 4th Indian Youth Science Congress a forum of young scientists involved in the development processes for a sustainable future of the planet.
  • As a Conference Chairman successfully organized 12th International & 70th All India Textile Conference at Nagpur based on theme Cotton, Textile & Apparel Value & Supply Chain: Global Opportunities & Challenges!! The conference has received massive response with 1100 delegates & 80 speakers from all across the India & World .
  • Worked as Conference Advisor as World Textile Congress II which will be held in Supt.2016
  • As a Conference Convenor organised AGROVISION conference based on theme DEVELOPMENT OF COTTON HUBS & TEXTILE PARKS IN VIDARBHA at Nagpur on 14th Nov.2016 at Central India largest Agri Summit AGROVISION.

Director's Message

Dr. Hemant Shyam Sonare
B.Text., DFD,MBA,Ph.D
A leading educationist, a reputed textile-garment technologist , agriculturist , an eminent speaker & a well known social scientist.