Polytechnic Coordinator

Prof. Raj Kuhite

Polytechnic Coordinator

In Today’s world of Technological revolution, it has become mandatory for every technical institute to keep abreast with the latest up-coming technologies. For meeting this need highly skilled & professional engineers are required.

We at Govindrao Wanjari Engineering and Technology Polytechnic make every effort to meet the rapidly growing demands of fiercely expanding technical world by producing quality skilled engineers who can be worthy of contributing to the development of the nation; with their incredible technical knowledge, will to innovate and professionalism.

In GWCET Polytechnic , it is believed and practiced that excellence is a continuous process and in pursuit of which the institute has made deep forays into contributing world-renowned diploma engineers, successful entrepreneurs, competent leaders, innovative scientists and researchers.

"A desire can change nothing, a decision can change something but a determination can change everything"