Mechanical Engineering

Branch Code :- 413561210

The department of mechanical engineering is established in the year 2009-10.The department has highly qualified staff with industrial experience. With an aim to develop highly competent, resource in Mech. Engineering profession, department have planned to make up-to-date infrastructure & Laboratories. The department is having regular qualified , experienced faculty members. All the faculty members are having post graduate qualification with average seven years of teaching & industrial experience. The faculty members are engaged in different university activities.
To develop skills in manufacturing & Production we have a well equipped central workshop. The central w/s has a separate building with welding shop, smithy shop,Fitting, Carpentry, Machine shop, Foundry shop
The department has the following laboratories:
Machine shop
It is primarily used by 3rd semester & 4th semester students. The final year students use it for fabrication projects & 4th sem. students used for mini projects. The machine shop has equipped with precision lathe machines, radial drilling machine, milling machine ,shaping machine ,surface grinding machine.
  Workshop is having carpentry, fitting, welding, smithy shops equipped with all necessary machines and equipments. It is primarily used by First Year Students.
  Foundry & Pattern Making shop
  This lab is used by the students of Fourth Semester Mechanical Engineering . This Lab is equipped with Pit Furnace , moulding sand bath and different Patterns.
  Engineering Metallurgy
  Metallurgy lab equipped with metallurgical microscopes, specimen making machine & other related equipments. The lab is basically used by Third Semester students for various study of metallurgy.
  Theory of Machines Lab
  Theory of Machine lab deals with study of different mechanism & machines. This lab is used by the students of Third & Fourth Semester students.
  Fluid power Lab
  Fluid power lab is for study of different fluid properties . This lab is used by the students of Third & fourth Semester students.
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