Diploma Mechanical Engineering

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First year is the base of any engineering diploma discipline. To make this strong we have well equipped spacious laboratories of Physics, Chemistry, Engineering mechanics lab, Engineering Drawing. Workshop of our college is located centrally with area of 1083 sq.m, having Carpentry, Fitting, smithy, welding, plumbing & sheet metal shop equipped with all machines and tools. First year department is having all regular and experienced faculty. In the future first year department will conducts academic programs as well as other programs like induction program, teacher parent meet, guardian teacher- student meet are to be arranged once in a month.
Mechanical Engineering is core branch of diploma in engineering deals with mechanism and machine that transmit and transfer energy in various forms. Mechanical Engineers are required in mech. Industry such as production, Process industries, and software. Also the Mechanical engineers recruited to ordinances factory, Indian Railways, Army, Navy, air force, hence employment potential is high in Mech. Engineering branch. The department is established in the year 2013-2014. The department has highly qualified staff with industrial experience with an aim to develop highly competent resources in mechanical engineering profession, department is having up-to-date infrastructure and laboratories. To develop skill in manufacturing & production we have a well equipped central workshop. The central w/s has a separate building with welding shop, smithy shop, fitting, carpentry, machine shop, foundry shop, plumbing shop, sheet metal shop. The total investment of all labs is about 25 lacs.
Intake capacity : 60.
The department has the following laboratories:
Machine shop
It is primarily used by 3rd semester and 4th semester students. The final year students use it for fabrication projects and the 4th sem students used for mini projects. The machine shop has equipped with precision lathe machine, radial drilling machine, milling machine, shaping machine, surface grinding machine. The total investment on machine shop is about 15 lacs.
Workshop is having carpentry , fitting, welding, smithy and foundry shop, sheet metal shop and plumbing shop. Foundry and Pattern making shop This lab is used by the students of fourth semester Mechanical Engineering student. This lab is equipped with Pit Furnace, Moulding sand bath and different patterns with all facilities for casting and moulding jobs.
Theory of Machine Lab
Theory of machine lab deals with study of different mechanism and machines. This lab is used by the students of third and fouth semester students . lab is equipped with Universal vibration apparatus , static and dynamic balancing.
Fluid Power Lab
Fuid power lab is for study of different fluid properties . this lab is used by the students of third and fourth semester student. Labs is equipped with pelton turbine test rig, francis turbine , venture meter. Orifice meter, reynold apparatus.
Thermal Engineering Lab
Thermal engineering is a branch of science that covers energy conversion from one form to another, working of IC engines, modes of Heat transfer, principles of refrigeration and air conditioning etc. The field of thermal engineering includes a lot of applications that can be classified as the combination of thermodynamics and heat transfer, such as IC engines, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The objective of this laboratory is to provide the student a good environment to understand some very important concepts and applications in the field of IC engines and refrigeration. These concepts are necessary to understand how the typical thermal devices work (refrigerators, air conditioning devices, car engines or steam engines). These fundamentals will be used to link the phenomenological processes taking place in the engine for issues of: power generation, emissions and environmental impact, fuel economy and fuel composition effects on engine operation and mechanical limitations of obtaining ideal performance.
Lab is well equipped with all the experimental setups required as per msbte syllabus. Lab used in third year Mechanical Engineering in first semester.
Lab is well equipped with all the experimental setups required as per msbte syllabus. Lab used in third year Mechanical Engineering in first semester.
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